Roses and Thunder

We move and groove on the bed of many roses

Placed by nature to appease our sensual noses

To elevate the smell but now a different purpose

To tease and please up and down your lower orifice

The feel and appeal overtake your thighs

While the wind from the fan blows across your side

Small beads fall from my chest to your breasts

As this rose excites and delights your body the best

Placing your fingers against the skin of my back

Scratching and tearing, then your booty gets smacked

Screaming and jumping but the moment’s enjoyed

The pleasure in your womb increases like roids

Arching your back raises our wonder

I come down harder like a storm bringing forth thunder

Are Relationships Dead in 2016?

This simple question continues to cross the minds of many who are still searching for the one.  You constantly see this question or similar ones in movies, articles, blogs, songs or any platform that discusses the feelings of the heart.  People are determined to uncover and reveal the true nature of relationships and why they currently seem to play “hide and seek” from many of us today.  This fierce determination to find the one is evident by people’s purchases of relationship books along with their decision to join dating sites.  Dating sites or apps are almost the primary methods for meeting people today.

People don’t really talk or converse anymore and spend the majority of their moments mean mugging or texting in public.  Why is this the case you may ask?  No one really knows, but people’s desires to be in control and invulnerable to rejection are highly prevalent.  They’d rather grab their phone and text an emoticon to someone versus smiling at them at the grocery store or gym.  Then to make matters worse, that same person probably complains about their poor dating life. What can you say?  Many people in our generation expect everything by doing the bare minimum.  It’s sad but very true.

To give this generation some cover, many in this current generation were taught by their parents to solely focus on their education and economic success.  They weren’t taught the basics of building relationships and playing roles within those relationships.  If you’ve dated anyone recently you’ve probably noticed a trend, where folks defer many of the dating responsibilities to the other person. They want you to call; call again; send texts daily; plan all dates; carry the conversation during those dates; make them laugh and laugh repeatedly; never let them get bored; pay for most dates while placing no expectations on them; and lastly, repeat everything again the next time around.  This is ridiculous, exhausting and troubling.  Then if you question that person’s dating effort, you’ll likely receive a response about their lack of time or energy due to their responsibilities with their job or friends. This is bull sticks and something you should never tolerate.

The lack of loyalty in today’s relationships is another issue.  With the advent of social media, dating sites, cheap airline tickets and many other innovations, everyone is very connected and probably too connected.  People love attention, some more than others, and vastly enjoy the possibilities of multiple attention streams. You combine these facts with this generation’s high rates of attention deficit disorder, and you have a catastrophe waiting to happen.  You have to nearly be crazy or insane to keep the attention of most people today, and guess what, many of us have achieved those levels of insanity sometime during our life.

However, many of us grew tired of today’s inadequate dating trends and decided to pursue something more meaningful.  This led many of us to the realization that our generation, for the most part, is incapable of forming good, healthy relationships among each other.  This could be the result of our generation’s infatuation with its independence over its dependability, leaving many in our generation to be self-centered, arrogant and insufficient of traits that are necessary for healthy relationships.

So when someone inquires about the current state of relationships in 2016, we must think about their upbringing, teachings and motivations first.  Those factors will offer the best insight into the degrading state of relationships in 2016, an insight reflecting the sad reality that our generation was never raised with positive ideas of relationships.  Is it possible for this glum reality to improve you may ask?  Who knows?  Our generation may be too far gone to turn back now.  The train has already left the station and is moving steadily forward with no intentions of losing speed.  Stopping it now will require a magnificent force of nature with the potential of making our relationship world tolerable again.  Let’s hope so, since nothing from this world seems to be doing the trick.